martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014


Dear Email Owner,

This email is to bring to your notice that your email came out among the Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand email address which was randomly picked on the web for an online program balloting selection, for a compensation for the sum of Nine Hundred and Twenty Thousand Euros cash reward from the United Nations 2014 charity program worldwide.

This selection was carried by the Gaming Association with an online programming balloting system.Your email won 920,000.00Euro as compensation from UN.

To file in for the claim of this sum, you are hereby advised to contact your payout agent office in Italy, by the name of Sig Mark Boldi with Tel: +39 35 11 44 9174 and email: ,and send him with your name, country of origin and telephone number.

Congratulations on your reward once again and we wait to hear from you soon.(Email: )


Angelo Fillipo.
Coordinating agent

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